We Hear: Interbrand New York Pivots Toward Experiential Work, Lays Off 25-30

By Patrick Coffee 

Multiple parties have told us of some big recent changes at Interbrand, the Omnicom consultancy focused on brand strategy and design.

According to the employees who have reached out over the past couple of weeks, the company cut approximately 25 to 30 jobs this month as part of a shift that involves both a general streamlining effort and a pivot from traditional strategy services to include a greater focus on experience development.

A spokesperson sent us the following statement:


“At Interbrand, we remain deeply committed to brand strategy and design, while we continually transform our organization to better focus on growing the brands and businesses of our clients. Our commitment and passion for our people is equally as strong. There have been some moves and adjustments in our business this year. However, we are entirely respectful and protective of our people, and their privacy, so we cannot comment on individuals—something I’m certain you understand.”

Several parties have told us that the departures affected several leaders including the New York office’s head of strategy and chief experience officer, who either resigned or agreed to leave the agency by the end of the calendar year.

Interbrand has so far declined to elaborate on the rumored changes, but at least one party tells us there is talk of the changes extending to the network’s Cincinnati and Toronto offices, indicating that this shift may affect the entire North American network.