We Hear: Grey Wins Ally?

By Kiran Aditham 

Just weeks after announcing that it was holding a creative review, it appears that Ally Financial has already come to a decision. From what our spies tell us, the account has gone to Grey. BBH, which handled the Ally business for two years, was included in the RFP.  Generous tipsters sent us what looks like an internal memo from Jim Heekin and Tor Myhren. I don’t know, seems legit to us (but then again, tomorrow is April Fools so who knows). Read on after the jump.

We wanted to share the exciting news with you that Grey New York has won the Ally Financial account.  This represents the biggest account win we’ve brought home in the last five years.


This assignment encompasses all of Ally Financial’s business units including Ally Bank, automotive finance and mortgage operations, consolidating work done by 10 to 15 individual agencies at Grey.  The trade press estimates their total marketing spending at $200 million.  This win culminates one of the most closely-watched, high-stakes reviews of the year.  We competed against some of the most creative agencies in the country.

Ally Financial Inc. is one of the world’s largest automotive financial services companies with more than $172 billion in assets.  Ally’s banking products have won accolades from Money magazine and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine.

We will lead all integrated communications across channels including brand, product, business-to-business advertising, digital and retail marketing.  G2, our partner agency, will provide activation marketing, and was instrumental in this win.

Our new client set out to find a single marketing partner capable of best-of-breed marketing across all their complex needs.  In making their choice, they cited Grey’s comprehensive integrated offering, driven by world-class creativity and forward-thinking strategic planning.  In the end, our passion, commitment and winning spirit clinched the deal.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who gave their all to this incredible effort. Once again you’ve shown what Grey is capable of when we come together as a team.

Ally has ambitious plans for global expansion and we are honored to welcome them to our blue-chip client roster.  We’ve never been more famous, effective and winning!


Jim and Tor