We Hear: Draftfcb NY Behind Bad Taglines Tweeting?

By Kiran Aditham 

While it has since been shut down, the infamous Bad Taglines Twitter feed is now rumored to be the handiwork of some merry prankster at DraftFCB New York.

A tipster tells us: “It appears that someone over at DRAFTFCB NY got in trouble over the twitter bad taglines. If you notice it has been deleted. Obviously someone at DFCB got a bit worried that their Kraft and Plan B clients may have been pissed at seeing what their agency thought of their brands.”


We have yet to hear back from the DraftFCB camp with a yea or nay, but if you’d like to revisit some of the witty Twats (like the one above) in the meantime, Gawker still has them posted here.

Update: A DraftFCB “insider” has now offered us this reply: “…Several people from several agencies including our NY office brainstormed the idea for that Twitter feed in a bar. Needless to say, what sounded like a good idea over a few beers didn’t quite pan out in the light of day. No surprise the page was taken down after less than a day.”

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