We Hear: Digitas Boston May Not Have Had the Best Week

By Kiran Aditham 

It seemed like it was all (mostly) quiet on the layoff front for the better half of this year, but lately, the tips pertaining to cuts at various agencies have been coming in droves. The latest news arrives from Digitas Boston, which apparently laid off 20-30 staffers yesterday according to several tipsters and sources familiar with the matter. Guess that kinda devalues the “Best Places to Work in Boston” nod from last month if all is true.

The agency itself hasn’t responded to our direct calls and emails as of yet. If anyone has more info on this, please feel free to email us at agencyspy [at] gmail dot com.

Update: We’ve received confirmation that there were indeed 30 layoffs, but across the Boston, Detroit and Atlanta offices, not just in Beantown itself. From what we’ve been told, the cuts were a result of realigning with new business wins like Aflac and Goodyear.

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