We Hear: Cuts at Possible Worldwide?

By Kiran Aditham 

The tips sure have come at a steady pace over the last few days as we’ve been hearing aplenty that WPP’s Possible Worldwide is having some issues in Cincinnati and has had to cut some staff as result. We’re of course checking in on the matter, but here are just a few examples verbatim, all from different sources it appears, of what we’ve been hearing:

“Possible Worldwide Cincinnati lays off 20”

“Possible Worldwide Cincinnati Layoffs this past Thursday”


And perhaps even more revealing, “FYI, WPP’s Possible Worldwide in Cincinnati laid off 20% of its staff (about 30 people) last Friday.”

We’ve put in multiple inquiries about this, but let’s just say that getting more than a handful of tips from various folks about the same issue merits some raised eyebrows. If you have more info, feel free to hit us up in the tips box, comments, etc.