We Hear: Campbell Ewald, AKQA, People Changes

By Matt Van Hoven 

We’re lumping together a couple of stories here. Long and short of it is Campbell Ewald’s EVP Digital Planning and Publishing Jeremy Morris has left the building. Also, AKQA’s Managing Director Jason Whiting has allegedly been replaced by David Bentley.

Campbell Ewald
We’ve confirmed that Jeremy Morris has left, or been asked to leave. His name’s no longer in the directory and one source claims he was ousted this morning. Another source wrote to tell us “Jeremy was originally the head person of publishing. In mid 2008,[the agency] also gave him the head of digital.”


He was involved in an absurd situation in which he couldn’t work for CE because of a delay in the paperwork for the INS, so his groups were in this bizarre holding pattern because no one seemed to want to make a decision with him completely out of the loop.”

We’re awaiting confirmation of Jason Whiting’s departure. Last we’d heard he was, at another point, on the fence about staying with the agency. After getting handed the NY office (he manages both DC and New York), we hear the stress added up. At one point there were talks of him leaving the shop all together for Strawberry Frog. Anyway, British MBA David Bentley is rumored to have replaced Whiting.


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