Yes, We Are Trying to Reach Translation about Bud Light

By Kiran Aditham 

Well, here was the one line we received at precisely 12:11 pm today:  “Translation was just handed the bud light account from Paul Chibe.” Chibe, if you didn’t know, is CMO of Bud Light parent, Anheuser-Busch InBev. Seeing as we just interviewed Steve Stoute for an upcoming Media Beat (which will post in two weeks), we’ve reached out to get some sort of reaction from the Translation boss or someone at his agency regarding the reports that the Bud Light account is now solely in its hands. Considering that Stoute & Co. are also involved with a Budweiser festival called “Made in America in a few weeks that will include Jay-Z and Pearl Jam among a ton of other acts, we’re not taking it as a big shock that A-B InBev would  be expanding its relationship with the New York-based Translation.

If you recall, Translation and McGarryBowen were both handed the Bud Light business last December. We’re now hearing that another major account could be leaving McGB in the near future, but we’ll keep schtum until we learn more.


Update: Here’s a quick comment from Translation president Leeann Leahy regarding its AOR status: “We’re thrilled to have earned Bud Light’s trust since having been awarded a large portion  of the business in mid-December. We look forward to doing more great work for this  ambitious client.”