WE ARE Pi Illustrates the Difference Between Right and ‘Wrongler’

By Patrick Coffee 

When we think of Wrangler jeans, we think of Friday nights spent hanging out at the mall enjoying a Slurpee and some New Jersey-era Bon Jovi.

But the brand still exists, and it would like young folks to view its name positively even if there are no semi-ironic hipster happenings in sight. On that note, the brand hired Amsterdam-based agency WE ARE Pi as its new Euro AOR in April, and the agency’s first work for its client skews toward the young ones and their desire to live free, die at some point and leave a corpse clad in tight jeans.

The shop’s own writeup calls on all those fashion fans to make “a new lifestyle choice” between right and wrong…or Wrangler and “Wrongler.”

If you think that’s a stretch, check out the first images from the “this or that” campaign.

wrongler 1

Here’s another example of the work, which European consumers will encounter via both social media and OOH. Do we really need to see Old Man Ass on a billboard? Yes, we do.

The basic idea is to help people “to lead a better life by giving customers a lifestyle choice.” That choice isn’t always entirely clear, however. The company’s marketing lead says the Wrangler wants to encourage “consumers to live the Wrangler way. It’s a celebration of life and the brand’s soul.”

That seems to mean backwoods over suburbs. wrongler 2 The jeans also understandably promote headbanging over straphanging. wrongler 3 So take risks, live free and stay off the grid in jeans manufactured by the world’s largest apparel company, VF Corporation. From WE ARE Pi creative director Rick Chant:

“The evil twin, Wrongler reminds us all to live Wrangler.”

We get it, though we do feel for this poor dog. wrongler 5 For the record, Wrangler U.S. is sticking with a more conservative approach to sales. #WhoDat? It’s Saints quarterback Drew Brees, dumbass!

In further not-news, we will continue to confuse Mr. Brees with Prezbo from The Wire, but only in order to sustain our cred among fellow snooty white people.


Client: Wrangler Europe

Agency: WE ARE Pi

Business Lead: Alex Bennett Grant
Creative Director: Barney Hobson
Creative Director: Rick Chant
Design Director: Nessim Higson
Art Director: Kaz Salemink
Strategy Director: Jessica Perri
Strategist: Andrea Van Den Bos
Executive Producer: Kimia Farshidzad
Producer: Ekaterina Golovkina
Project manager: Ambar Surastri
Account Executive: Hollie Beever
Production: Pi Productions