We Are Pi Helps Launch Hotel Brand Geared Towards Creative Types

By Kiran Aditham 

Will Zoku spell the end of the hotel room as we know it?

It’s way too early to tell, but that’s the bold proclamation already made already by the parties behind the new loft chain, which, all hyperbole aside, serves as a compact home office/bedroom hybrid. Aimed at a sector of business travelers labeled “global nomads,” Zoku–which will officially open its first venue in Amsterdam in fall 2015–aims to transcend the standard hotel experience by unveiling what it deems “social spaces” within a hive-like environment that encourages work, play and longer stays.


How so? Well, the idealistic brand not only provides a loft-style sleeping space but an alcove desk with office supplies, a four-person table for dining and even retractable staircases–so in essence, a playroom for adults.

To help initiate Zoku’s Amsterdam launch, the brand collaborated with hometown agency We Are Pi to develop a brand identity, etc. The brief film above provides a glimpse into the loft, which was conceived following crowdsourcing and research efforts by London-based consultancy, The Future Laboratory. In a statement, Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson–whose firm worked with interior design/architectural firm Concrete to bring Zoku to life–coins a new term, saying:

“The merging of business and leisure – a trend we have identified as bleisure – represents one of the fastest growing and dynamic business opportunities in recent years. Today’s business travellers are re-writing the rules. Their outlook on work and play demands new services and a new approach to the hospitality sectors. The business hub will be the opportunity of the next decade in terms of hospitality value creation.”

Along with Amsterdam, Zoku plans to target more creatives throughout Europe by opening up operations in Paris, London and Berlin, with global expansion on the horizon.

Film credits


Managing Director: Alex Bennett Grant
Partner: Patrick Garvey
Strategy Director: Jessica Perri
Strategist: Andrea van den Bos
Executive Creative Director: Rick Chant
Executive Creative Director: Barney Hobson
Creative Design Director: Nessim Higson
Art Director: Kaz Salemink
Account Manager: Sam Speed
Account Executive: Hollie Beever
Executive producer: Kimia Farshidzad
Project Manager: Ambar Surastri

Film and Photography Production

Photographer: Bill Tanaka
1st Assist: Collin Hill
Art Director / Props: Meike Sier
Catering: Nanja Theus

Editor: Sanne van Hecke
Animation Production: Joe Flemming
VO artist: Jason Huggings, Intervoiceover
Music and sound design: Michael Kneebone, Toolbox