We Are From LA Helms ‘World’s First 24-Hour Music Video’ for Pharrell

By Erik Oster 

Here’s something to amplify the TGIF feeling: We Are From LA, a directing collective from production company Iconoclast, has launched the “world’s first 24 hour long music video” for Pharrell Williams’s new song, “Happy.”


The song itself is simple, fun and catchy. We Are From LA’s interactive video allows users to switch between various dancers in different locations, at different times of the day and night. It’s a pretty cool concept, although it would be nice if switching between dancers was a little more fluid and seamless. The dancers in the video range from unknown actors to the very famous (Steve Carrell, Magic Johnson, Gavin DeGraw, Tyler the Creator, etc.) to Pharrell himself. Because of the nature of recording so much footage, they keep things pretty simple, which actually fits the mood of the song perfectly. Head on over to 24hoursofhappy and spend a few minutes checking it out (though we don’t recommend watching for 24 hours).

Between this and the new video for Bob Dylan’s classic “Like A Rolling Stone,” it seems the age of fine-tuned interactive music video has arrived. Credits after the jump.Credits:

Agency: We Are From L.A.
Client: Pharrell
Prod. Co.: Iconoclast
Creative Director: Yoann Lemoine
Creative Director: Mimi Valdes
Managing Director: Charles-Marie Anthonioz
Executive Producer: Kathleen Heffernan

Producer: Jett Steiger

DOP: Alexis Zabe

Steadycam Operator: Jon Beattie
Choreographer: Fatima Robinson
Choreographer: Kathryn Burns
Casting Director: Mandi Gosling

Post Production: Nightshift Post