WCRS, Tool Craft ‘Interactive 360° Film’ for New, Electric BMW

By Erik Oster 

The next time some douchey middle-aged accountant cuts you off at a stoplight, it could be in an electric car!

BMW (the official car company of overly-entitled drivers in the tri-state area), is unveiling its first ever electric car, the BMW i3, in grand style with “the world’s first interactive 360° film.” Created by agency WCRS in collaboration with Mustard Films and Tool, the app entitled “Become Electric” is designed to promote a first-of-its-kind car with a unique visual experience. It was just made available for download worldwide.


“Our idea was to create the first ever 360° virtual test drive film. By producing it as an App for mobile and tablets we were able to put the viewer in control and give them a unique, personalised experience that would entertain as well as allow them to experience the car,” says WCRS Creative Director Ross Neil. BMW i Communications Manager Nicola Green hopes that the app will lead viewers to test drive the car in real life. Some drivers might take a little convincing to get on board with the idea of an electric car (especially those used to luxury/performance vehicles), and the immersive experience created by the parties involved could be the thing that helps convince them.

So the next time some entitled prick dangerously weaves in and out of lanes because he has an expensive car and therefore owns the road, at least he won’t be contributing to the greenhouse effect. Thanks, BMW!

You can download the app at the iTunes store here, or at the Google Play store here. Credits after the jump.

Client: BMW UK for BMWi

Title: “Become Electric”

Agency: WCRS
Creative Director: Ross Neil
Senior Creatives: Dan Gorlov & Rachel Le Feuvre
Agency Producer: Joseph Pawsey
Account Handling: Henry Debenham

Media Agency: Vizeum

Production Company: Mustard Films/Tool
Director: Jason Zada (Mustard Films/Tool)
Executive Producers: Matt Hichens /Brian Latt & Dustin Callif (Mustard Films/Tool)
Producer: Nick Papworth (Mustard Films)
Editor: Guy Savin (Marshall Street)

Post-Production: Glassworks

Audio: Mophonics, Los Angeles and 750mph, London

Exposure: App, Digital, Social, Press