WCRS Enlists Sylvester Stallone in Latest for Warburtons

By Erik Oster 

Sylvester Stallone stars in WCRS’ latest spot for Warburtons, “The Deliverers.”

In the tongue-in-cheek ad, Stallone calls up “the Jonathan Warburton” with a pitch for a movie starring Stallone as a Warburtons delivery driver “commanding a crack squad of bakers hell bent on being the best.” As Stallone delivers the pitch, the remainder of the ad plays out like a trailer for the film Stallone has in his head. He lampoons his usual set of roles, and runs through a traffic jam in the film’s climax, in order to deliver bread on time.

Of course, actions stars of yesteryear lampooning themselves in advertising is nothing new, with VCCP’s recent work for e-commerce brand Compare the Market starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and the same agency’s Jean Claude Van Damme stunt spot for Coors just a couple of the most recent examples. While WCRS won’t win any points for originality, they handle the approach well here, with cheeky humor light-heartedly making fun of action movie cliches while showing the brand not taking itself too seriously. Will Stallone be back for a sequel?