Wayans Brother Encourages Safe Breath

By Michael Musco 

McCann NY has unveiled what the agency’s calling the Safe Breath Alliance, a fictitious organization that features Marlon Wayans as its spokesperson and promotes the agency’s ongoing “Practice Safe Breath” movement

Apparently, Wayans has always been considered as a “ladies’ man” (we thought that role was reserved for Shawn, or was it Keenan?), therefore making him an expert in having good breath. In this piece, Marlon is not encouraging you not to breathe; he just wants the world to breathe safely by chewing on some Dentyne and join the alliance.

What is this alliance really all about? I don’t even think McCann knows yet. Additional content will be rolled out online that will continue to explain the mission of the SBA and encourage people to join. Visit the Facebook page and join the alliance or at least get the guy in your office with that yuck mouth to sign up. Peep agency credits after the jump.

Client: Dentyne
Title: “Safe Breath Alliance”
Agency: McCann Erickson, NY
Executive CD: Craig Markus
ACD/art director: Tracey Smith
ACD/copywriter: Jillian Goger
Producer:  Anna Beth Weber

Production Company: The Sweet Shop, NY
Director:  Peter Martin
Producer:  Darrin Ball
DP:  Martin Tedin
Editor:  Joseph Dillingham, No6, New York
Music: Butter, NY