Warning: Taco Bell Food May Contain Human Flesh

By Bob Marshall 

Remember all of that controversy surrounding Taco Bell’s beef? Remember how the company turned the attention into a newspaper ad that boldly read, “Thank You for Suing Us?” Well, the Taco Bell meat saga continues, this time around due to an advertising snafu during Fox’s broadcast of its new show Bob’s Burgers on Sunday.

During this week’s episode, Bob’s Burgers was under attack by an angry mob protesting Bob’s use of “mystery meat,” going so far as to accuse the restaurant owner of using ground human corpses in his signature dish. Right after Bob is forced to display a sign on his storefront claiming “Warning: Food May Contain Human Flesh,” Fox kicked it out to a commercial break, starting with an ad for Taco Bell defending their beef ingredients. Whups.


As Adweek argues, the incident in question may not have gotten a lot of initial attention due it happening while ABC was airing the 83rd Annual Snoozefest Academy Awards. But, who’s the San Francisco street artist that posted the above video to Vimeo? Is he actually a Taco Bell executive in disguise kicking off another PR stunt with the hope it goes viral (unlikely)? Or, is he just a big fan of Bob’s Burgers (even more unlikely)?