Walrus Really Wants to Make Your Super Bowl Ad

By Kyle O'Brien 

Walrus wants badly to make a Super Bowl ad. So much so that the agency is offering its services for free to anyone who wants to make a game day spot.

The agency posted on its social channels today that it really wants to make a spot for the big game, and its offering up free creative if the spot isn’t one of the top five favorite ads of the Super Bowl.


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Clicking through to a dedicated web page, viewers learn all the finer details of the offer. The advertiser must pay for the media, it must be a national spot that runs during the game, and the advertiser must also pay for all the out-of-pocket production costs.

“You don’t pay us our fee unless the spot appears in one of the top five slots on the USA Today Ad Meter published the day after the game,” the promo page states.

The reasons given for the generous offer are that Walrus hasn’t made a Super Bowl spot yet, the agency thinks it would be good at the job, and the employees want their “parents to finally see something we’ve done.”

Another stipulation is that Walrus will only work with one brand on this endeavor, so if you want to get in on the big game, get in contact with Walrus.