Wait, Did Verizon Just Technically Rip Off Itself?

By Kiran Aditham 

You know, sometimes these ad ripoffs and ensuing comparisons can be somewhat of a stretch (or you know, so-and-so agency did this 20 years ago), but we have to say that this one is rather peculiar and tipsters have been ranting about it today. Late last year, this video above for multinational mobile network Vodafone, which has a joint venture with Verizon on Wireless among other things, was posted and features a high-flyer named Joakim Sommer. If you don’t know, Sommer is a high-flying bloke who looks like he could be a real-life Batman or wearer of the best Snuggie we’ve ever seen.

And then there’s this spot below that came out for Verizon FiOS just this week and promotes the brand’s allegedly super-duper high-speed Quantum service. Sources familiar with the matter tell us that this was not a McCann joint, to say the least. Well, I guess we can chalk this up to an “if it ain’t broke…” mentality and perhaps this is not an uncommon practice, but wow, the similarities are glaring. Perhaps the original Vodafone spot was just a test run?


By the way, sources familiar with the matter tell us that the clip after the jump is a legit McCann spot for FiOS Quantum.

Update: Tipsters are telling us that the spot came from McGB and was shot in Switzerland three weeks ago. We’re checking to see what’s up.