Wachovia Transferring Funds From Mullen

By SpyWriter 

BOSTON Interpublic Group’s Mullen have been releived of their duties as the lead offline creative and media partner for Wachovia. They’ve been cut from Wachovia’s review of its $120 million ad account.

In Adweek today, Mullen issued this statement: “Mullen is proud of our 11-year relationship with Wachovia, during which time we have helped this client build their brand and business and grow from a mid-sized regional bank into one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S. We wish them well in this period of transition.” Yeah right. Does dumpee that’s losing that kind of money wish the dumper well?


Wachovia means business, because it’s said that Carat in Boston was invited to defend their interactive work they were doing for Wachovia. Adweek sources say they “survived the cut”.

Mullen’s needs to really step up their game, this is the second client they’ve lost after a review this week. Earlier in the week they lost Marshall’s to GSD&M.