W2O Group Hits Every Social Media Note for Western Digital

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s one that the traditionalists in our audience will love: a social media campaign!

As the agency itself tells us, hard disk manufacturer/W2O Group client Western Digital is “a usually conservative tech company” that preferred to stay strictly within its own comfort zone in terms of messaging.

However, surveys showed that the client’s customers cared more about privacy and security of data than anything else–so they went a little edgy with the #KeepItPersonal” (“Some Things Shouldn’t Be Shared”) campaign. Its purpose is to promote a new cloud storage offering that would allegedly help prevent those security slip-ups that everyone wants to avoid. Inevitably, the conversation turned to sex tapes…


Here’s the inaugural Facebook post, which tied the campaign to a movie titled, appropriately, Sex Tape.


Future posts focused less on the racy and more on the incredibly embarrassing.


“Thankfully it’s not a nude beach. Still.”


“Keep it purrrrrsonal.”

Here’s an interview in which a guilty couple further elaborates on the underlying concept (there will be more in this series):

Finally: could there be a more BuzzFeed-worthy topic than assorted humiliating photos shared on social media? The client sponsored both a “pics that could get you fired” version and a “pics that make you look like an idiot” version.

The campaign managed to pivot off the release of a pop culture property while simultaneously playing, in a light-hearted way, on one of the present day’s most important debates.


Agency: W2O Group

Chief Creative Officer: Mike Hartman

Group Creative Director/CW: Walter Whitman

Associate Creative Director/AD: Anna McClure

Group Director of Content and Engagement: Michael Brito

Content Strategist: Naimul Huq

Strategy: Angie Bette

Account Planning: Emily Friedman