V&S, Leo Use 80’s Video as ANDYs Call for Entries

By Kiran Aditham 

Awards season is coming sooner than we think and here’s Leo Burnett’s entry dubbed “Montage Me.” The agency teamed up with Boulder’s beloved Victors & Spoils and created this digital ditty, one of 1,000 call for entries submitted to the latter firm’s ANDYs challenge.

If you’re feeling ironic, clap your hands and submit a headshot or three to this Facebook-based effort, which lets your mug play a part in an 80’s music video. So far, only one of the three videos is available to participate in, but “Montage” won the hearts of V&S’s Evan Fry as well as ANDYs co-chairs Ty Montague and Michael Lebowitz. Along with V&S and Leo’s input, the project also was aided by the latter agency’s marketing services unit, Arc Worldwide, Tool of North America, Optimus and Comma.


In a somewhat humble statement regarding the “Squirrel Fight” call for entries competition, Fry says, “The idea to open up to the world the call for entries idea was a great one, and unfortunately I can’t take credit for that. It was all Ty and Michael and the ANDYs. It was crazy how many ideas came in. Probably because the award was so great – not only would your idea be produced as the official call for entries idea, but you’d also win the last coveted spot on the 2011 ANDYs jury alongside the biggest players in the industry. I just hope the winner doesn’t say anything stupid to Goodby or Keller.”

The “Montage Me” campaign runs through Jan. 7, which is the work submission deadline for the ANDYs itself.