Voyager and the Shift Creative Fund Want to Help All You Aspiring Filmmakers Fund Your Passion Projects

By Patrick Coffee 

Oh hey, somewhat loyal readers. It’s obviously been a very lean week here at the Spy for reasons that we might explain later (or not!).

Anyway, here’s one for all the creatives out there who want to go beyond the agency world and create stuff that people might actually choose to watch.

A new organization called Shift, which is made up of “media management tools MediaSilo and Wiredrive,” has launched a grant program called Shift Creative Fund in order to “provide up-and-coming filmmakers with the resources they need to develop and deliver a finished short film.”


Specifically, this fund will support three such shorts per year to the tune of $30,000, and applications will be accepted from May 1-31, so get your shit together and apply here!

But first, enjoy this short film about the trials and tribulations of making movies, from production company Voyager Creative and director Marcus Tortorici.

“Applications will be reviewed by an elite panel of judges from across the industry” including Lalita Koehler of Saatchi & Saatchi and James Blevins of Netflix, and winners will be announced on June 30. Also, the prize appears to go beyond the money to include consultation with “writers, producers, distributors and postproduction experts” and access to all of Shift’s hot products and services.

The group has already selected its first film, Pioneers, which “follows the story of two pioneer women who escape together across the unforgiving desert in a gripping tale of survival full of thrill and twisted perception.”

That sounds pretty cool. Slmbr Prty Films is handling production duties.

“Shift is about changing the way creators approach their work, providing solutions that streamline the process of creating, sharing and securing valuable creative assets,” said Kai Pradel, CEO of Shift. “We’re privileged to empower the best creative minds working in media, entertainment and advertising. The Shift Creative Fund is our way of giving back to the industry, fostering the filmmakers of tomorrow and helping them tap into the expertise of the Shift client community.”