Von Miller Appears to Be the New Old Spice Guy

By Erik Oster 

Since concluding its Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa feud last November, W+K introduced the new “Legendary Man” character to promote Old Spice’s Hardest Working Collection and launched a “Smell Em Who’s Boss” campaign in June.

Now P&G has drafted Von Miller, fresh off his dancing lesson in Heat’s “Start Me” spot for Madden NFL 17, as the face of Old Spice for the 2016 season, promoting the brand’s Hardest Working collection. 

Adweek broke the story this morning, but we get all our important news from celebrities’ Twitter accounts.


The first spots starring Miller, presumably from W+K, are expected early in the NFL season. For now, though, there are series of photos starring Miller promoting the brand—in his Broncos jersey, naturally.

“We’re excited to welcome Von, one of the NFL’s top-performing players and unique personalities, to the Old Spice family,” added Old Spice brand director Janine Miletic. “Von’s engaging, humorous demeanor and hardworking on-field performance align perfectly with our ridiculously masculine brand and the performance of our Hardest Working Collection combining our most popular scents with our most powerful sweat and odor protection and deep cleansing body washes.”

“Between winning the Super Bowl, solidifying my status with the Broncos and being named the newest Old Spice guy, 2016 is shaping up to be quite a year,” Miller said in a statement. “I’ve had my favorite Old Spice scents for a long time, and I only trust the Hardest Working Collection to give me a deep clean after practices and keep me smelling fresh on and off the field. There’s a reason you find Old Spice in every team’s locker room.”

Dude never gets a break. And we do not in any way believe his last sentence.