Volvo’s New C70 Comes With Available Sexy-Wife-Swapping Feature

By Matt Van Hoven 

The Arnold Worldwide creatives who worked with/under Global Creative Director Stephen Ward pulled a fast one on us with their new spot for the Volvo C70. They want us (and you) to think their client’s car is versatile (top down, top up!), making it good for your various personalities. But that’s total BS because it’s really a promo for wife-swapping.

Since it would bore you to describe the scenario here, please watch the video after the jump, now. See how the happy-happy tune “Oh boy” from Miss Li deceives you into thinking this is some innocent little personality swap situation. Nay! It’s the same as those scary 70s swinger parties where you took someone’s keys out of a jar and got biz-zay, but in public and with coffees. Now every sorta-bored husband and wife combo will be buying maroon C70s. Thanks for ruining the American family, you damn foreign Volvo people.

Spot after the jump, now with informative who-to-blame credits.

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Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Global CD: Stephen Ward
Arnold Boston ECD:Pete Favat
CD: Christian Carl
Copywriters: Mike Howard/Will Chambliss
Art Directors:m Luke Perkins/Ron Kottkamp
Agency Producer: Bill Goodell
Director: Joaquin Bacas-Asay
Production: Park Pictures