Volkswagen, Deutsch Race Cars Against Fast-Talkers, Rubik’s Cubes

By Ella Riley-Adams 

To prove the speed of VW cars, Deutsch asks people who know the meaning of “fast” to co-star in their latest TV spots. Four YouTube sensations—a Rubik’s Cube wizard, a beatboxer, a speed reader, and a lightning-finger guitarist—accompany Eric Norris (son of Chuck) around a race track, aiming to complete tasks in their various skill sets before the VW cars complete a lap.

Granted, it’s far easier for a car to get around a track than for a vulnerable human to read the Gettysburg address while in said screeching, speeding car. The race might not have been very fair. But, these spots are still fun, and the quickness of the VWs is nothing to scoff at. Also, can we pause for a second to appreciate “speed cuber” Anthony Brooks, who can solve a Rubik’s cube with one hand (above)?! I can’t even look at a Rubik’s cube, knowing that as soon as I touch it I will be met with total frustration and humiliation.


Deutsch did well by choosing Internet-famous individuals with awesome, unusual talents. Their presence gives us the impression that VW cars aren’t just fast, they’re original and inventive, too.

Credits and more spots from the campaign after the jump.

Deutsch Creative Credits and Titles:

Mark Hunter Chief Creative Officer

Jerome Austria Digital Group Creative Director

Matt Ian Group Creative Director

Michael Kadin Group Creative Director

Scott Clark Digital Associate Creative Director

Donna Ko Junior Copywriter

Kate O’Connor Junior Art Director

Vic Palumbo Director of Integrated Production

Victoria Guenier Director of Broadcast Production

Kacey Hart Producer


Production Company:               Recommended Media

Phillip Detchmendy Executive Producer

Darrin Ball Line Producer

Mitchell Amundsen Director of Photography

Chris Woods Director


Editorial Company:              Union Editorial

Paul Plew Editor

Eric Brodeur Assistant Editor

Michael Raimondi Executive Producer

Joe Ross Senior Producer


Visual Effects/Post Facility:              Resolution

Ben Looram Lead Flame Artist

Amir Qureshi Flame Artist

Evan Guidera Flame Artsist


Music                                           N/A

Sound Design:                             Elias Arts

Sound Designer:                            Jay Nierenberg

Mixing:                                           740 Sound Design & Mix

Mixer:                                          Andrew Tracy


Shoot Location:                             Willow Springs International Raceway, Rosamond CA


Additional Deutsch Credits:

Mike Sheldon President

Winston Binch Chief Digital Officer