Volcano, Egg Films Produce Confusingly-Titled Spot for Act II Popcorn

By Erik Oster 

Volcano teamed up with production company Egg Films to produce a new, 45 second spot for Act II Popcorn, which premiered March 1st.

The new spot, entitled “Not Just For Movies Anymore” revives the familiar “man enters into action of movie he is watching” trope. Said guy enters into the middle of an action movie where a man dangles from the top of a building while a gang of cronies waits on the rooftop for him to fall. The camera cuts to the popcorn-eater who spills popcorn on the dangling man, followed by the “Not Just For Movies Anymore” line appearing as text. It’s kind of a little vexing that a spot with that title would show a person enjoying the product while watching a movie. Doesn’t this kind of defeat the purpose? The title, I assume is meant to work with the “Bagged By Popular Demand” tagline, but wouldn’t it make more sense to show the guy enjoying Act II while doing something, anything, other than watching a movie? As is, the spot kind of reads: “Not just for movies anymore, although we can’t think of another time you’d eat popcorn, either.” Stay tuned for credits after the jump.


Brand: Act II Popcorn CT
Title: Not Just For Movies Anymore
Client: International Conagra Foods Inc.
Length: 1 x 45 sec, 1 x 30 sec TVC
First flight date: 1 March 2014
Agency: Volcano
City & country: Johannesburg, South Africa
Agency producer: Michelle Lyne
Creative director: Francois Boshoff
Art director: Tarryn Bezuidenhout
Art director: Lucky du Plessis
Production co: Egg Films
City & country: Johannesburg, South Africa
Director: Slim
Director of photography: Werner Maritz
Production co-producer: Nicci Cox
Executive producer: Colin Howard / Nicci Cox
Post production: Pudding / Left Post Production / Sterling Sound
Editing company: Left Post Production
Editor: Julian Redpath
Music & music publisher: Clare Vandeleur