VML Unveils First-Ever Super Bowl Spot for Wendy’s

By Erik Oster 

Wendy’s will have a spot in the Super Bowl for the first time in its nearly fifty year history with a big game spot from VML entitled “Cold Storage.”

It also appears to be VML’s first trip to the big game, save for its “Super Bowl Dunk Lens” for Gatorade last year.

The spot keeps things simple, with a focus on the brand’s promise of “Fresh, Never Frozen Beef.” It opens on the Other Guyz frozen beef storage vault slowly opening to reveal a gigantic freezer full of frozen beef patties. The camera slowly makes its way to the back of the room where a man is utilizing what is surely an inefficient method to thaw the frozen burger patties. (Also: Why doesn’t he take them out of the freezer first?)

Wendy’s has been focusing on the “never frozen” theme a lot lately and won some press earlier this month for its response to a Twitter troll who didn’t believe the claim. “Cold Storage” brings the message to the largest stage in advertising, but does it make the most of it? At the very least, it’s a much more appetizing way to get the message across than the September spot featuring a frozen patty in a job interview.