VML, Kyle Schwarber Raise ‘The W’ for Gatorade

By Erik Oster 

VML launched a digital campaign for Gatorade starring Chicago Cubs leftfielder Kyle Schwarber as part of the brand’s broader “#WinFromWithin” initiative.

“The W” celebrates the kind of hard work and determination it takes to win a championship, riffing off the “W” flags flying in Chicago following the Cubs first World Series victory since 1908. It opens by pointing out that “the Cubbies have been back at work since the parade ended” in preparation for defending the title.

“You see that ‘W’ flying?” the voiceover asks, “It doesn’t stand for weekend” and Schwarber, who missed the majority of last season due to an injury, isn’t about to take a day off.

It’s familiar territory for the brand, the latest execution of a brand message dating back to 2012. But it does have the benefit of a new baseball season on the heels of Cubs World Series win behind it.


“The video shows that winning is a reflection of the work you put in when you’re not playing and that you can’t #FlyTheW without putting in the work first,” Gatorade told The Drum in a statement. “Schwarber, who has already persevered in the face of adversity, embodies the idea that sports performance is driven from the inside.”