VITRO and Toyo Tires Think You Should Treat Your Car Like a Supermodel. Or a Steak.

By Patrick Coffee 

How is a car like a steak?

It costs way more than it’s worth and ends up requiring a whole lot of effort. And neither of them should EVER be covered in ketchup, for god’s sake.

Toyo Tires of Japan and its agency of record VITRO* played on that whole theme for the brand’s latest marketing campaign, which falls under the “Your Car Knows Better” heading.

What makes Toyo Tires so good? We aren’t quite sure. But metaphors are kind of cool.

Here’s another, slightly less appropriate one: your car is like a model.

Tires aren’t really about appearance unless you buy those shiny, spinning things that hopefully went out of style around 2003. But we’ll let VITRO CEO Tom Sullivan explain.

“Why do so many of us settle for less than we deserve? Maybe it’s just too easy to continue with the status quo. Toyo Tires is a committed brand, dedicated to exacting and uncompromising quality and standards. We should all be so committed, to live our lives with such resolve.”

So there you go. Cars are overpriced but soooo worth it.


Client: Toyo Tires
Agency: VITRO

Amy Coleman, Senior Director, Marketing
Julie Sediq, Senior Manager, Marketing
Steven Shearer, Manager, Advertising & Promotions


John Vitro, CCO
Ryan Smith, Associate Creative Director
Doug Hyland, Associate Creative Director
Beth Mygind, Account Director
Cassondra Kuplast, Account Supervisor
Amy Krause, Producer

*You guys happy with your SEO now? We cool?