Virgin Mobile Wants to Colorfully Brainwash Customers

By Jordan Teicher 

What about the trucker who just had to sit there while a waitress poured fake coffee into an overflowing mug? Or the egg on top of a diner table? The guy swimming with sharks? The wind-up brain toy? The geeky guy playing with a giant ball of yarn? Aloe vera tissues? Yes, all of these things are in the same “Retrain Your Brain” Virgin Mobile commercial, created by Mother NY. The spot is certainly unique, but that doesn’t mean it will get customers to switch from other carriers to Virgin Mobile.

“Retrain Your Brain” was birthed out of focus group findings that suggested customers wouldn’t switch mobile companies even if they were specifically told how much money they could save. So, Mother and Virgin Mobile decided to go with Brazilian triplets, Colonel Meow, and The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne.


Could it be that most customers just aren’t suited for short-term pay-as-you-go phone plans? (Shh, don’t tell Virgin Mobile). Regardless, the spot looks like a surrealist drug sequence from a bad student film. If you’re going to include Brazilian triplets, you might as well use them. Credits after the jump.

DP: Matthew Libatique

Producer: Rani Melendez

Costumer Designer: Liz Botes

Production Designer: Andy Reznik

Editorial Company: Arcade

Editors: Geoff Hounsell

VFX & Finishing Company: MPC

Executive Producer: Justin Bruckman

Post Producer: Mitch Stockwell

Creative Director/2D Lead: Alex Lovejoy

CG Lead: Liam Griffin

Final Grade: Mark Gethin

Music Production: Human

Music Producer: James Wells

TV Mix: T Theressa Tate

Sound Design: The Flaming Lips + T Theressa Tate

-Director: Traktor

-Production Company: Partizan