Virgin Mobile Phones Make People Happily Careless

By Kiran Aditham 

Last we heard from Virgin Mobile, the brand and its agency Mother New York were regaling us with Richard Branson’s rather whimsical life story. Now, the two parties have returned to actual product promotion by touting Virgin Mobile’s $35/month phones, which as you can see above, cause people to purposely ditch their current mobile devices in a variety of ways. In this world, the price point and lack of contract lock-ins at Virgin Mobile are deemed worthy enough to engage in a variety of “happy accidents,” whether it’s tossing your phone off a roof or into a blender. Credits after the jump.


Agency Mother NY

Director Guy Shelmerdine

Executive Producer / Partner Brian Carmody

Executive Producer / COO Lisa Rich

Executive Producer Allison Kunzman

Executive Producer Laura Thoel

Producer Drew Santarsiero

DP Joost Van Gelder


Post Production:

Final Cut Editorial

Editor Matt Murphy

Executive Producer Saima Awan

Senior Producer Suzy Ramirez

Assistant Editor Jacob Kuehl

Smoke Artist Ernie Camacho

Colorist Sparkle