Victors & Spoils Work for Dish Network and a Very Short Story

By Matt Van Hoven 

Here it is, crowdshop Victors & Spoils’ work for Dish Network. Writing this blurb feels like the first time I lit the fuse on a gallon jug of gasoline (I’m from Minnesota, don’t ask). It went like this: make sure there’s no fuel on the outside of the jug. Place jug safe distance from structures/children/eyebrows. Light fuse. Run like hell.

See ya!


Like the explosion from that first jug, these were fun to watch. No? Credits after the jump. It’s worth looking at because some of the creatives “requested anonymity”.

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Chief Creative Officer: Evan Fry
Creative Director: Noah Clark
Writer: V&S Crowdmember (requested anonymity)
Art Director: V&S Crowdmember (requested anonymity)
Producer: Eric Rasco
Director: Mike Maguire
Line Producer: Susan Hebert
VFX Producer: Mike Wigart
VFX Set Supervision: Sean Faden
Flame Lead: Simon Scott
3D Lead: Scott Metzger
VFX Company: Method
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Executive Producer: Melissa Culligan
Sound and Mix: Rohan Young @ LIME Studios
Music: Beacon Street Studios
Graphics: Superfad