Victors & Spoils Defies Own ‘Fresh Agency Model’ on Virgin America Effort

By Kiran Aditham 

Much-loved crowdshop Victors & Spoils has unveiled its second–yes, second–project in less than a month, this time called “Virgin America Toronto Provocateur” to plug the airline’s first international destination, Toronto.

The action takes place on the campaign website where Sir Richard Branson and company are looking for video submissions from folks who believe they’re the ultimate Toronto insider, or “Provocateur” as it were. Soliciting submissions? Sounds like familiar territory for V&S–though surprisingly this time, agency flack is telling us that the concept was developed entirely in-house with agency CCO Evan Fry at the helm. What, are they giving up on crowdsourcing already?


Anyhow, the award for the winner, who will be determined with the help of public voting on the site itself, is a year-long stint as Virgin America brand ambassador in Toronto. We were hoping for a stay on one of Branson’s islands as well. Credits after the jump.

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