Very Serious Partners Holds Agency Offices Hostage in the Metaverse

By Kyle O'Brien 

Creative duo Alex Morris and Oliver Finel, aka the Very Serious Partners, have come up with a digitally novel idea to generate new business. The two have decided to hold agency offices hostage in exchange for work.

On Twitter, the duo announced that they have built their own “AdLand” in the metaverse. The tweet states that they are selling offices back to their agencies in exchange for new business. It also has two links to sites that let people know more.

One goes to the Very Serious Partners site that lets people know that the AdLand Building is located in Voltaire, “Decentraland’s most creative neighborhood, just a stone’s throw away from Sotheby’s & SuperRare.” Decentraland is a virtual destination for digital assets, essentially NFTs that can be bought with cryptocurrency. It shows examples of offices from the likes of Media.Monks and Uncommon. It also lets agencies know how to get in touch with the duo to arrange a viewing of their spaces.

Media.Monks in the metaverse.

The other link goes to Decentraland, where people can see what things look like in the metaverse. A short video accompanies the tweet, with virtual versions of the duo explaining the process.