Veria Taps Draftfcb NY in Rebranding Effort

By Bob Marshall 

If you’re a Dish Network subscriber and you haven’t heard of Veria, well, it’s either because it’s brand new or because health and wellness aren’t a priority in your life. If you’re not a Dish Network subscriber, well, this probably doesn’t really concern you, as the channel is unlikely to make the jump to basic cable any time soon.

Veria is using Draftfcb NY to drastically rebrand its young self, and with its line-up of decidedly weird programming, Draft has their work cut out for them.  Take, for example, Sports Dad, which features former NFL All-Pro Deion Sanders setting unrealistic athletic expectations for a group of 11 to 14-year-old kids. Or there’s always The Incurables, a show that profiles people who have nearly killed themselves due to unhealthy lifestyle decisions and then chronicles their recovery. Finally, there’s Fed Up!, a cooking show that injects a “healthy dose of humor” into its recipes (ha).

Draftfcb New York President Sandy Kolkey is welcoming the challenge he has before him. “Given our broad base of industry-leading health-focused clients, we have a very strong grasp of the health arena as an agency … We are eager to apply our extensive integrated know-how and results-oriented branding to this distinctly innovative brand.”

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