Uruguayan Lay’s Ad Claims that Women Know Their Soccer

By Kiran Aditham 

Give credit to Punto Ogilvy and Oriental Films in Uruguay for showing that ads that center on sports, chips and dudes can be a little progressive. Proving that four years of solid A’s in Spanish has done us little good, we turn to the gals at Jezebel, who thankfully offer some sort of translation for us. According to the Gawker Media site:

“It’s all in Spanish, so allow us to roughly translate: At first, the lone girl on the couch appears uninterested in the action that is making her male friends lunge towards the screen in joy. And then she says coolly that it doesn’t count, and launches into a technical explanation making her case. When the ref agrees, the dudes have to concede that she knows her shit. The tagline indicates that just as you can’t do without girls who love soccer, you can’t do without Lays.”


We’ll go with that as well as the twist on gender roles. Your move, Tostitos.

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