Updated: The Week in Advertising

By Matt Van Hoven 

Well here it is &#151 the shortly-awaited second round of “The Week in Advertising”. We hope you enjoy &#151 and please please please comment below about what you liked/didn’t like. Really, we want feedback.

And in case you were curious to learn more about the stories we covered, here’s a link round-up.

&#151 Beattie McGuinness Steals Their Silver Lion

&#151 Campbell-Ewald, Farmers Ins., And the Best Tip Ever

&#151 Finally Some Good News: Guns N’ Roses Needs an Agency

&#151 Parker Bids For WPP

Update: To clear up any confusion about which episode this is…We taped a pilot, which we never aired. Maybe we will one day, but for now, it stays close to the chest. So, the “first one” was the Pilot, of episode 1. The second one was aired last week, and counts as the first one you’ve seen, but the second one we’ve made. Hence this week, we’re setting the record straight with number three. Make sense? Sorry for the confusion!

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