Updated: Crossroads Media Considering Ad Placement on School Buses

By Matt Van Hoven 

Crossroads Marketing Inc., a small Michigan based agency, has apparently been pitching the Michigan Department of Education to allow the placement.

With dwindling budgets and rising fuel costs, schools are increasingly strapped to keep their programs and buses running. An ad plan could help offset the problem, but at the cost of subjecting children to ads for…God knows what.

It seems unlikely that the school boards, parents, etc. will allow it, but that’s why we don’t have kids. We can’t imagine spending a night at a PTA meeting to go over this crap. Then again, that’s just us.


Er wait, what do kids do on buses these days? Find out after the jump.

(Ed’s note: This story previously mentioned the possibility that McDonald’s would be advertising in such a program as per a rumor we had heard. Please note that a McDonald’s representative assures us that they never intended to participate in such a program, nor are they in a relationship with Crossroads Media. As such, information pertaining to that rumor has been removed from this story.)


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