Updated: Campbell Ewald May Have Lost Alltel, Pink Slips Going out Today

By Matt Van Hoven 

A spy close to Campbell Ewald informs us that layoffs within the agency are set to commence today. We have two other sources confirming this allegation, but as of yet, no one has left the office.

Alltel is one of the few big accounts still spending their money with CE. You’ll recall our coverage of the impending business loss (although that’s still not confirmed), and that former important guy Jeff Scott was responsible for the client’s unhappiness.


One spy went as far as to say that follwing Scott’s departure, Alltel was doing well again. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, but we’ll update you when the guillotine drops. For any CE addies that may be going home early today, we hope you get a decent severance.

Update: We’re told the layoffs have begun. No word on numbers as of yet.

Update: “The early count is around 20 so far, and they appear to be spread out across accounts so far. But they’re not done, and there’s no word as to whether this will continue to tomorrow.”

Update: “It was at least 20. It included Chevy, Michelin, and Alltel. The entire Experience Planning/Information Architect is gone.” A terrible day for those at Campbell Ewald.

: “60 is the new number.”