Universal McCann and McCann New York Team Up to Get Haiti Ad Moving

By Matt Van Hoven 

Volunteer teams from Universal McCann and McCann New York have been scrambling the last few days to put together the PSA you see above &#151 in support of getting money, goods, and prayers to Haiti.

Composed of photos from the AP , Getty Images, and the Red Cross, the goal of the piece is to get viewers to text ‘Haiti’ to 25383, which will automatically charge your account $5. It will run across most Web video sites as well as on CNN, NBC, MSNBC and CBS.


Says McCann: “The campaign stems from the unusual personal experience of Stephanie Sigg, who works four days a week as a McCann NY creative director and one day a week with the United Nations and some of their largest operational non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that respond to conflicts and natural disasters around the world.”

Like many other agencies we’ve heard from, McCann’s employees took it upon themselves to pass around information internally about how they could help send money, etc. Soon, the movement turned into what-else-can-we-do momentum, and with the help of Katherine Sarkis, marketing director at the International Rescue Committee, McCann was able to put together this pro-bono work.

Credits after the jump. If you know anyone on the list, tell thank them.

Update: The Ad Council also has a campaign in the works, which includes first lady Michelle Obama.

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We’re throwing these credits together from some info we scrounged up. Email agencyspy (at) mediabistro (dot) com if we screwed anything up.

&#151 International Rescue Committee &#151 Katherine Sarkis
&#151 People of Haiti (our addition)

&#151 Joyce King Thomas
&#151 Vann Graves
&#151 Kate Lummus
&#151 Josh Grossberg

McCann NY’S 2nd Story editorial studio:
&#151 Pat Zadok (led editorial team)
&#151 Nathan Thompson (cut the footage together at 2nd Story)

&#151 Andrea Kaye
&#151 Wini Alcorn
&#151 Agatha Maciejewski
&#151 Heather Hall

Universal McCann Media:
&#151 Nicole Romanik
&#151 Guy Beach

&#151 Big Foote Music, NY: music.