UNION Makes Light of Child Labor in First-Ever Ads for Online Lending Startup Kabbage

By Patrick Coffee 

Kabbage is a “startup” that “Offers Solution[s] For Democratization Of Working Capital.” To translate for dumbasses like ourselves, that means the company’s product is a tech platform that allows SMBs (small or medium-sized businesses) to more easily get loans when they don’t have lots of money in the bank or rich people supporting them until they can hold their heads above water.

In March, Toronto-based MDC shop UNION won a review to handle creative for this company, and the first campaign launched a few days ago.

Its premise holds that small business owners often go to extraordinary lengths to support their passion projects, and the first spot concerns a situation that has almost certainly occurred at least once in recent history?

Certainly it’s all that simple! WOW!


Next, we can’t figure out why this “widow of an oil tycoon” would marry a startup loser with a cramped office and a personal style stolen from the year 1993, but we wouldn’t want to question the narrative or anything.

His zero money would not be enough to pay for her future plastic surgeries.

The ads will run throughout the U.S. despite being produced in Canada, and there will be some of the usual social media/dashboard banners and “customer emails,” shudder.

UNION partner/ECD Lance Martin had this to say about the project:

“Loans aren’t always the sexiest things to talk about, but for small businesses they are crucial to survival and growth. We thought it would be really funny to exaggerate some of the sacrifices business owners are willing to make to get the funding they need.”

The first one was kind of funny. But all would-be entrepreneurs still have to pay back that “automated lending platform,” and the vast majority of their ideas will fail completely, so…