Um, You Decipher This One

By Matt Van Hoven 

SpyWriter and I were chatting, and as you may recall, she’s not so keen on posting layoffs these days. While I’m no happier to post them, the news still needs delivering. So with no further adieu,

“AKQA NYC Layoffs Yesterday. All seniors; Project Managers, Tech Managers, Creatives &#151 7 total. Upon hearing 1 of his sr art directors was walked out &#151 Creative Director (responsible for a recent 2008 Cannes silver cyber lion) packed up his laptop and joined the others in solidarity. Move have quit; all the good creatives. Recent streak of losing 8 of 8 pitches the cause. AKQA NYC &#151 done New Managing Director from DC running office now &#151 dweeb”

That came in yesterday. Another AKQA tidbit came in today, marking more confirming the layoffs &#151 on top of the aforementioned.


“akqa let go 5 or more people yesterday including project managers and lower level creatives”

By a rough count, that’s more than 50 or so addies that have lost their jobs in the last week alone, from a number of different agencies. That might not sound like a lot, but add that to 30 here and 45 there from the last month or so and you’ve got a trend.

It’s summer, financial plans are being reworked, and the economy sucks. Someone send us some good news, please. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard what Tribble’s reporting, check this out.