Ukranian Consumer Electronics Chain Doesn’t Give a Damn If You’re a Woman or a Man

By Patrick Coffee 

Happy post-Oscars hangover day.

Perhaps you’ve heard that the ad industry—like the film business—was once beset by sexist messaging.

A new series of spots for Ukrainian consumer tech retailer Comfy by agency banda looks to stand out by turning those not-so-old-school gender stereotypes on their heads.


They take inspiration from the “traditional glamorous housewife,” replacing those Betty Drapers with husbands “addicted to home gadgets and housework.” The man in this first ad loves his razor a little too much.

Things get a little weirder in the next effort, which un-ironically(?) includes the word “butthurt.”
Finally, these Real Housewives of Kyiv are very amused by the man who chose to spend his time cleaning floors and cooking dinner, hahaha.

From the pitch: “It’s been a long time since a woman dreamed about a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas. In the age of gender equality, Ukrainian ads are still full of dirty sexist jokes. That’s why a retailer of consumer electronics Comfy and banda agency decided to be the first on the Ukrainian market to fight gender stereotypes. By this small revenge, Comfy shows the absurdity of gender roles in doing household chores and personal care, because home gadgets don’t give a damn if you’re a woman or a man.”

Fairly sharp satire here. We wonder how a similar campaign would play in the States.


Agency: Banda
Client: Comfy

Marketing director – Nataliya Koshevaya
Brand manager and Head of Digital – Sasha Zhylyayev
Head of Marketing Communication – Tanya Kornienko
Head of Content and Creative – Yaroslav Chepurniak

Creative Director – Yaroslav Serdyuk
Art Director – Ilia Anufrienko
Copywriter – Alexander Yavorskyy
Junior Copywriter – Lera Gavrilyuk
Senior Account Manager – Daryna Gavrilova

Executive Producer: Lesy Sichkina
Producer: Mariya Panasyuk
Director: Oleg Tomin
DoP: Nikita Kuzmenko
1 AD: Alina Krasnianskaya
Postproduction Producer: Maksym Kobzystyi
Editor: Victoria Dvornikova
Color Grading: Valentin Vernigor
Postproduction: Camaradas
Sound&Music: Baker Studio