Two Blokes Pledge to Turn New Brands into Household Names in One Day

By Bob Marshall 

On January 31, University of Leeds students Tom Bird and Christopher Ross-Kellum will attempt to make new brands household names over a 24-hour stretch. While this is actually impossible, to two use the term “household name” quite liberally, referring to naming a brand, creating a marketing strategy for it and writing out potential print and television advertisements, creating a “24-hour portfolio” of sorts. How plausible is this goal? Well, check out Bird’s first attempt, where he launched one brand per hour in November.

Now, with the help of Ross-Kellum, Bird doesn’t seem to be setting a limit on how many brands the duo will attempt to launch. With their online strategy comprised mainly of old sayings (“Less is more, or is it?,” “The question is not always WHY? But instead WHY NOT?”) rather than actual innovative ideas, it definitely looks like the collegiate pair has a bit to learn before their creative skills are put to the test on an actual campaign with any degree of lasting success. However, we applaud them for their efforts, as most students in their position wouldn’t undergo such an endeavor at the young age of 20. Hell, most students at the age of 20 wouldn’t come up with a sort of quirky looking website either.


Suggestions for brands can be emailed to their contact information on their website, and people can follow their progress via Twitter.