Tweet Wrap Your Gifts this Christmas

By Michael Musco 

It’s a Twitter-themed day at the AS office it seems. People, are you tired of the same old wrapping paper with candy cane and Christmas ornament prints? Well, The Barbarian Group is as well so this year they’ve whipped up something muy especial..Tweet Wraps!

That’s right, tweet wrap is a site where you can customize your own wrapping paper based on your tweets, then order it in for free to wrap your Christmas presents with. I know you’re thinking this is all Twitter promo-based but in actuality it’s an effort for the Samsung RF510 laptop. Twitter is akin to a spokesperson in this case.


So yea, get on over to the Tweet Wrap site and be contemporary this holiday season. Just don’t mix your Aunt Ro Ro’s wrapping with your significant others. You don’t want to be sending mixed signals.