TVGla Introduces Club W

By Erik Oster 

Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency TVGla created two spots to introduce start-up wine club brand Club W in a broadcast and digital campaign which launched earlier this week.

Both spots aim squarely for the brand’s target audience of 25-34 year-old women. The 60-second “#WINEing” leverages borrowed interest from a four-year-old Twitter hashtag joke in an attempt at humor that falls flat. It focuses on a young woman with “bold taste” who got her bathrobe at a furniture store, a piece of art from “a tween country star’s personal collection” and who found the right wine through Club W. The idea is that Club W’s taste profile can find the right match for anybody, but we’re not sure aligning your brand with poor taste is the best way to get the message across. The 30-second “Decider” is a bit more straightforward, selling the service as helping a woman who is confident in all her decisions except when shopping for wine make the right purchase. Both spots make sure to highlight Club W’s selling points: a flavor profile system, pairing recommendations, personalization and home delivery.

“As a start-up we have to educate our target about the distinctive qualities of our offering,” explained Leslie Emmons Burthey, vice president, marketingClub W. “We work directly with wine makers to produce select limited editions of wines that put taste, sustainability and service first. We think this brand campaign conveys our uniqueness and gives our target consumer all the information needed to try us out.”