TV Time: Who Is In And Who Is Out

By SuperSpy 

It’s that time of year when show’s get canceled and renewed, banished to DirectTV or given a reprieve. So, who got the boot and who is still in the game?

Chopping Block which one part Hell’s Kitchen, one part Top Chef and one part just plain sad, has been canceled after only three episodes. Marco Pierre White is a fantastic chef, but he doesn’t have the melodramatic viscousness of Gordon Ramsey nor the hots of Padma Lakshmi.


The regurgitative network, DirectTV, has picked up three short-lived series – Smith, The Nine and Eyes – all of which were cancelled before all the episodes had aired. Hey, it got Friday Night Lights back on its feet.

Speaking of… Everyone can let out a deep sigh of relief. Friday Night Lights has bested the odds to be renewed for two more seasons.

Life On Mars wasn’t so lucky. The sci-fi crime show has been kicked to the curb by ABC. However, they will let the show finish off it’s episodes.

Poor ABC. Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daises and now, Life On Mars have all been canceled just this season. They are racking up quite a few slots to fill next year. Ohhh… Lucy? You got a lotta work to do.

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