And Now, Some Turkey Pick-Up Lines Courtesy of Lowe Campbell Ewald

By Erik Oster 

The friendly folks over at Lowe Campbell Ewald, who were named AOR for LifeLock last month, would like to wish you a happy holiday by sharing “How to pick up the right turkey this Thanksgiving.”

In the above video, the Campbell Ewald folks share turkey pick-up lines in a Thanksgiving-themed display of cringe-humor. Many of them are alterations on oft-heard bad pick-up lines, such as “Your drumsticks must be tired, because you’ve been running through my mind all day.” and “Are you a Tennessee turkey? Because you’re the only ten I see.” It helps add to the goofiness that the employees involved are all wearing turkey hats. (Where can we get those?) My personal favorite might be the straightforward, “I’m gonna gobble, gobble, gobble you up,” mostly for the great delivery. I think you probably get the idea: if you found any of those worth a chuckle you’ll probably enjoy the video. Some of these could border on sexual harassment, so be careful when employing these lines on the turkeys in your life.


The worst of the pick-up lines featured is probably, “You’re no side dish, you’re my main course.” Well, of course the turkey is the main course. That’s how Thanksgiving works. This bothers me far more than it should, but don’t let that dissuade you from watching Lowe Campbell Ewald’s 1:16 of Thanksgiving goofiness. And if that’s not enough holiday humor for you, check out Firehouse’s “Happy Twerky Day” and let us know which you liked better. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.