Tuesday Odds and Ends: The Rumormill Edition

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today in the world of advertising, all the talk is about who is getting sent home jobless. But why would we talk about that when there are rumors to be discussed? The obvious answer is forget about your layoff woes by reading about things happening elsewhere. Ready, go.

BTW the ad above is phenomenal. Play it, and bask in its warm glow.


&#151 “how did wunderman perhaps the least diverse agency in the industry get away with canning an elderly african american female receptionist?”

&#151 _______ really forced Eric Silver out of BBDO by decimating Silver’s group.

&#151 The Chicago Sun Times’ Lewis Lazare went there.

&#151 Remember when Holly Pavlika was randomly let go from G2? We hear she’s got a new gig. Yay for her.

&#151 Word on the street is AKQA won some Schwab business. They haven’t gotten back to us about it.

&#151 We hear Blast Radius is behind the Web end of the Palm.com (Pre) launch.

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