Tuesday Odds and Ends: AKQA & Rosetta Stone, FirstBorn’s Leader, MARC USA and More

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today the world continues to spin despite Pakistan’s war, tons of death in Afghanistan and China defends its ties to Khmer Rouge. If only those respective countries had better advertising…For now here’s some news you haven’t heard.

&#151 WPP is worth less than 50% what it was six months ago. link


&#151 Arby’s wants you to think their sandwiches are like big supple breasteses. link

&#151 Kraft has a perky new logo that looks a lot like Wal-Mart’s. link

&#151 DraftFCB is apparently laying people off…right now. link

&#151 SiriusXM might have another chance at life thanks to Liberty Media. link

&#151 We’re told that Arnold has withdrawn from the RadioShack pitch.

&#151 This article, which was probably read by thousands, will help your CV look exactly like everyone’s.

&#151 Which agency rep’s nickname is Jeremy Piven? Hint: he once grabbed my arm at a press conference. Mystery!

&#151 We hear AKQA lost a pitch for Rosetta Stone to a boutique agency in Maryland, HZDG. Apparently the AKQAer who lost pitch had hit a bad luck streak “and got the axe. She’s moving to Arnold now. Oops!”

&#151 Something fishy is happening over on the iPro blog, and it involves Mark Ferdman, the founder of Freedom + Partners.

&#151 MARC USA, a shop based in Pittsburgh, sold it’s Indianapolis branch back to Paula MacVittie to “streamline” operations. Then, they eliminated desk top operations and fired their creative director and now people over there are mad as hornets.