Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-EA Sports alum Mike Lewis joined Grey Atlanta as creative director. link

-Cramer-Krasselt ECD Kevin Flatt favors mix media of advertising. Who doesn’t these days? link


-This Brian character is sure to break a few hearts. link

-Whistleblowers’ lawyer Michael I. Behn of Chicago who went after Leo Burnett among others, highlighted the success of procurement fraud prosecutions in recovering taxpayer funds at a American Bar Association-sponsored seminar. link

-Hey, what do you know, the nation of Turkey is also launching a summer ad campaign in Times Square. link

-Kevin Lilly has joined media agency Starcom USA as mobile director.

-The TSA is now resorting to advertising on pizza boxes for job recruitment. link

-Old Spice star Isaiah Mustafa hears your call and responds. link

-Intel reports its “best quarter ever.” link

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