Tuesday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy 

– iTunes is set to go DRM free. There is a god. (link)

Nina Paley’s acclaimed animated movie, “Sita Sings The Blues,” can’t be shown because of licensing costs for 80+ year-old music. Sheesh. (link)

– “What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see?” (link)


– Architect Thom Mayne talks creativity and vision at TED. Worth a watch. (link)

Roger Baldacci, EVP of Arnold in Boston, has some advice for all of us who are still or are recently unemployed. (link)

– How much does it cost to advertise on the front page of The Times? $75,000 on weekdays and $100,000 on Sundays. (link)

– Check out Pew’s key findings from a survey of experts regarding predictions about technology and its roles in the year 2020. (link)

– Can videogame characters be role models? Graeme Virtue knows there’s only one way to find out: Pretend to be an assortment of gaming icons for 24 hours and record the results. (link)

Lewis Lazare penned predictions about Chicago’s advertising community yesterday: “The year 2009 could be a fateful one for several Chicago agencies.” (link)

– Healthcare firm WellPoint has hired Deutsch, for its creative chores as of today. (link)

– Produced by Ryan Seacrest, NBC’s reality TV show Momma Boy’s is lagging in the ratings. (link) If you missed the first three episodes and we’re sure you did, catch a clip of the show above.